As Phyllis in Iolanthe:
“Ariel Downs, a Thousand Oaks High graduate, has matured into a wonderful actress with a ravishing coloratura soprano voice. Vallandigham’s silvery tenor works beautifully with Downs’ soprano, and the two make a marvelous romantic centerpiece.”  —The Acorn, March 2015

As Charley in The House is Open:
“[The role of] Charlie [was] vividly sung by Ariel Downs…”  — Los Angeles Times, June 2013

As Miles in The Turn of the Screw:
“Soprano Ariel Downs strikes the right balance of charm, boyishness, and ambiguously implied decadence, particularly in the “Malo” song and the spine-tingle conclusion of Act I.” —A Fool in the Forest, January 2014

“Miles (Ariel Downs) … took to haunting and being haunted like ducks to water.” — Los Angeles Times, January 2014

“Even more spooky [was] Ariel Downs as Miles: Blissful and pure one moment, channeling the spookiness of the Children of the Corn the next. Downs together with Hilley provided many of the production’s most haunting moments, where they crept up to the very edge of the abyss of the strange, sexually charged dynamic that throbbed between them.”  — Crescenta Valley Weekly, January 2014

“[Ariel] Downs’ rendering of the song “Malo” was especially notable for its haunting delivery. Her slight stature lent the male character sallow undertones, turning him nearly spectral.”
Examiner, January 2014