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work with Ariel

My teaching philosophy is a direct reflection of my singing and artistic philosophy.  I feel that music should be for anyone.  Singing is an extension of speech, so if you speak, you have the ability to learn to sing!  I focus on vocal freedom, unlocking your natural musical abilities and facilitating your discovery of your most free, vibrant, and empowered voice.  I strongly believe voice lessons are not one size fits all, so I tailor each singer’s curriculum based on their unique gifts and challenges.

Topics addressed include:

Stage presence

Sight singing and Music Theory




Musicality and phrasing

Dramatic interpretation

“Ariel helps me gain new, insightful perspectives on not just vocal techniques, but in maintaining a healthy voice in all aspects of my daily life.”

- Marty, student

"Ariel is able to convey complex ideas into distilled phrases that allow even my untrained ear find success. She’s patient, kind, talented and hilarious I’d highly recommend her to anyone at any level. She’s exceptional!"

Erin, adult voice student

“Ariel is an extraordinarily kind, talented, and dedicated instructor. She has helped me become comfortable with my own voice, and greatly expanded its capabilities. She teaches practical fundamentals in wonderful and funny metaphors; deep lessons and musical truths in simple words. And she does it with heart and humor and compassion. It’s one of the most fun and worthwhile hours of my week.”

-Lucas, adult voice

Lesson Rates:

One time 15-minute introductory consultation – complimentary

30 minutes* - $40

45 minutes - $60

60 minutes - $80

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